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Secret #4: Why You Should Never Get Berserker's Greaves
Last Updated December 18th 2015

There is no real advantage of getting Bereserker's Greaves

Bereserker's GreavesCloak of Agility    VS     Boots of SpeedZealDagger
1100 + 800 = 1900g       vs        300 + 1300 + 300 = 1900g

5% Movement Speed at 350 MS = 17.5 MS

45 Movement Speed     VS     42.5 Movement Speed
30% Attack Speed    VS    27% Attack Speed
20% Crit Chance    VS    20% Crit Chance   

Surprised? Next time you play ADC don't let that Bereserker's Greavesslow down your Rapid Fire Cannon
 Keep your boots atBoots of Speed and sell it when you build your 6th item
Boots of Speedand Bereserker's Greavesboth take up 1 item slot and they're not worth keeping in a full build

No Zerker Propaganda by InvertedComposer

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