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Secret #1: All About Spell/Blade Weaving Masteries
Last Updated: August 15th 2015

Weaving Masteries
Spell Weaving: Every time you autoattack a champion you gain a stack of spell weaving. Your Spells do 1% extra damage per stack.
Blade Weaving: Every time you cast a spell on a champion you gain a stack of Blade Weaving.  Your autoattacks do 1% extra damage per stack

Those that have wondered if the Weaving Masteries are worth getting, here are some tested facts:

  • The cooldown to stack the weavings is 0.5s.  This means if you cast 2 spells very quickly, you will end up getting only 1 stack of Blade Weaving
  • Both weavings last 5 seconds after your last attack
  • Neither of the Weavings will increase your damage done by your Pets (Yorick's Ghouls, Heimerdinger's Turrets,etc)
  • The base damage of the Enhanced Autoattack spells (e.g. Yorick's Q, Irelia's Q, Garen's Q) are not affected by either of the Weavings
So guess what, Weavings aren't that great.  If you're a mage, you're most likely going to attack with your spells first before autoattacks, making Spell Weaving nearly useless.  If you're an ADC you might benefit a little more from Weavings because it is easier to keep up with the stacks.  Long story short, you should only be getting Weavings Masteries if you're a non-burst spell spammer with autoattacks (e.g. Gnar, Dr.Mundo, Elise, Fiora, Hecarim, Jax, Lulu, Miss Fortune, Shaco, Shen, Skarner, Riven, etc).

Weavings Test Proof

1. Blade Weaving increases your autoattack damage by 1% per stack.  See below.

No Weaving autoattack: 98 Damage


2 Stacks Weaving autoattack: 100 Damage

2.Weavings do not affect pet attacks (Tibber's Autoattack, Voidlings, Heimer Turrets, Ghouls, Spiders, etc)

No Weaving Ghoul Attack: 59 damage


2 Blade Weaving + 2 Spell Weaving Ghoul Attack: still 59 damage

3.Weavings do not increase the base damage of an autoattack modifier spell.  For example, Yorick's Omen of War does  30/60/90/120/150 + 1.2AD Damage and the 30/60/90/120/150 portion will not benefit from Blade Weaving

No Weaving Omen of War: 223 damage


2 Stacks Weaving Omen of War: 225 damage  (only 2 points increase in damage)

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