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Last Updated: April 21st 2017

Download Link     (Patch 7.8 | Version 2


Item Set Preview

What is this?

It is a program which creates a set of Recommended Items for you, like the picture above.  
All the item builds come from our trustyworthy program, LoL Item Optimizer

This program does not contain Ads, automatic updates, or any other installations.
This program only extracts text files to your League of  Legends folder
(Located at C://Riotgames/League of Legends/Config/Champions/'championnamehere')

Installation Steps (Very Easy)

1. Click on the Download Link on top of this page     
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2. Google Chrome has approved this program to be safe so you will no longer see the following warning message:

Warning Message

3. Open the Setup file

Item Set Creator Main Page

4. If your Riot Games folder is not in your C directory, make sure to relocate it to where it actually is

Item Set Creator Destination

5. And Done!  Next time you play a Summoner's Rift game check your Item Sets in game (not LoL Client)

Item Set Creator Setup Done

6. And as for updates, you would have to come back here and redownload it manually

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program illegal or against Riot Game's Terms of Use?
No.  The program merely creates 'Item Set' files which any players can create/edit on their own from their LoL Client.  In addition, Riot Games is not against 3rd Party Item Sets.  If you still have any doubts, please check with the League of Legends Support Site.  Here is the link to the support site about the item sets: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752904-Item-Sets-       Search for "3rd party" and there you will have all the answers.

How are the builds different from the builds in LoL Item Optimizer?
The builds created by 'Optimal Item Set Creator' are simplified for easy use.  If you are looking for more specific case-by-case builds then you would have to use LoL Item Optimizer and then manually create your own  Item Sets via LoL Client.

Why are you giving this program out for free?
Because I'm InvertedComposer and I've been contributing to the LoL Community like my Singed Guide for free all my life.  Just enjoy my works and tell your friends about my site!  I would surely love more visitors.

About Updating Item Set Creator :  Does reinstalling overwrite my current Item Sets?
Yes, reinstalling 'Item Set Creator' will overwrite any existing item sets created by the 'Item Set Creator'.  You do not have to delete any of the text files that was already created by the older 'Item Set Creator'.

Could I edit the Item Sets created by your program via LoL Client?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to edit them at this time and I currently do not know a way around it.  Therefore, you will need to manually create your own item sets if you would like to edit the builds.

How do I remove Item Set Creator?
You can easily get rid of all the item sets created by Item Set Creator through Add/Remove programs in your Control Panel. If that didn't work for some reason then go to your Riot Game's Folder > League of Legends > Config > Champions > [and then remove all the folders in there]

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